Well-Being and the Arts in 2020

Laboratory Adelaide’s Elise Silson convened this online panel of experts, to discuss current intersections between well-being and the arts in Australia.

Laboratory Adelaide’s Dr Tully Barnett opened with a discussion of the different ways that well-being can be integrated into our discussions of value.

AnglicareSA CEO Rev’d Prof Peter Sandeman gave an overview of the social well-being considerations specific to 2020.

Elise Silson described the importance of the arts in expressing and understanding narratives, as a means of developing compassionate and perceptive approaches to individual and collective challenges.

Associate Prof Jo Caust described current challenges faced within the Australian arts sector.

Flinders University’s Dr Sarah Peters offered grounded insights into her experiences as a playwright and arts program facilitator. She spoke about how digital interaction shifts experiences of art creation and performance.

Flinders University’s Prof Stephen Muecke described the social impacts of the shifts in economic power associated with digitisation. He offered important insights into how digital delivery of information displaces First Nations people from teaching about significant places.

A transcript of this panel discussion will be available shortly.