The Project


  1. To better understand the practices of the cultural reporting of data and the flow of information from organisation to stakeholders including government, grants bodies and patrons.
  2. To develop and trial mixed methodologies for analysing, measuring and reporting on the total cultural value of Australian arts and cultural organisations.
  3. To build capacity amongst arts and cultural organisations to measure and communicate the value of what they do, beginning in Adelaide.
  4. To contribute substantially to, and provide a platform for, the local, national and international discourse concerning culture’s value in academic and industry fields.


The major outcomes of this project will be:

  • a set of cultural value assessment tools with open access for cultural organisations to adapt and adopt. These tools will focus on instruments of account to provide cultural organisations with new cultural reporting checklists and templates in the assessment of total cultural value;
  • an ‘audit of audits’ tool to allow cultural organisations to cost cultural reporting and ensure it is proportionate to the support being extended;
  • a suite of targeted research and industry-based publications in appropriate journals that detail the research in ways that can be taken up by other cultural value investigators. Industry-based publications will include reports and guides for arts and cultural organisations and for government stakeholders;
  • improvements to national standards of cultural reporting and an Australia-specific contribution to the international cultural value debate;
  • a symposium for local stakeholders in Year 2 and a national symposium for industry stakeholders in Year 3;
  • workshops and internships for representatives of cultural organisations and select industry personnel to provide training in new cultural research methodologies.