The Wellbeing Benefits of Arts and Culture: Professor James Pawelski

Adelaide City Council recently hosted Professor James Pawelski of the Positive Psychology Centre at the University of Pennsylvania for a three week research trip exploring the wellbeing benefits of arts and culture activities. During his visit, Pawelski participated in a series of meetings and public talks exploring the value of Adelaide’s arts and culture from the perspective of human flourishing. This paradigm for valuing the arts follows 20 years of experience addressing mental health through positive psychology, and in particular the role of the humanities in wellbeing.

Professor Robert Phiddian and Dr Tully Barnett met with Professor Pawelski to discuss how Laboratory Adelaide’s work aligns with that of the Positive Psychology Centre and the concepts of human flourishing. Professor Pawelski cited the Laboratory Adelaide work in his final presentation of his findings. Read more about Professor Pawelski’s visit to Adelaide here and his broader work here.