What’s the Story? “Credible” Narrative in the Evaluation of Arts and Culture, 5 September 2019

In their latest article, published in The Journal of Arts Management, Law, and Society, Julian Meyrick, Tully Barnett, Heather Robinson and Matt Russell consider the relationship between the concept of narrative as a theoretical object, and its use in the practical evaluation of cultural organisations. Following a brief overview of rhetoric and narrative theory, the article suggests that in order for narratives to be a “credible” and forensic instrument of account, certain principles should be followed. The Laboratory Adelaide team sets out six commitments in a proposed Charter of Cultural Reporting:

  1. Commitment to sense making
  2. Commitment to a reporting relationship
  3. Commitment to plain language
  4. Commitment to communicating all types of value creation
  5. Commitment to improved integration of quantitative and qualitative information
  6. Commitment to reporting on the meaning of culture, not just its economic and social effects

Read the full article here: https://doi.org/10.1080/10632921.2019.1646176 or get in touch for more information